About Sofi Tucker
Our Story

SheaMoisture is the legacy of Sofi Tucker, a pioneering mother of four and entrepreneur, who sold Shea Butter, African Black Soap and homemade beauty preparations in Sierra Leone in 1912. We honor her vision by continuing to formulate with raw shea butter handcrafted by women in Africa. With every purchase, you show support of our mission to reinvest back in our communities.

Ethical sourcing

Our core ingredients - shea butter and virgin coconut oil - are sourced from women’s cooperatives in Ghana and Burkina Faso. With our supplier, The Savannah Fruits Company, we’re fortifying long term partnerships across West Africa. The Savannah Fruits Company, sources Fair for Life certified ingredients for our products. Fair for Life is an independent global certification program that guarantees suppliers are treated fairly and equitably. For every purchase, we pay a fair trade premium above the regular market price. This ensures higher wages and better working conditions for all the women collecting and processing our raw ingredients. With every purchase of SheaMoisture, you’re buying a product carefully crafted for your well-being, and you’re also investing in women globally.

The SheaMoisture difference Benefit to communities
We pay fair trade premiums for certified raw ingredients from women’s cooperatives. Women are paid at least 20% above market prices as part of a fair trade development fund, where they decide how to invest in the future of their businesses. This empowers communities to increase access to education, water, health insurance and banking.
We buy handcrafted processed shea butter- not just the raw shea nuts. We provide a year-round income for women, beyond the seasonal shea nut collection. This creates more jobs and keeps wealth in the community.
Over the last decade we’ve partnered with our key supplier, The Savannah Fruits Company, to improve livelihoods. Long term funding supports women’s cooperatives to create lasting generational wealth and positive community outcomes.
We buy organic shea butter and organic virgin coconut oil. Organic ingredients protect the environment and workers' health as they avoid contact with chemicals while farming and processing shea butter. This also leads to additional income for the shea nut collectors, as organic ingredients command a 15-20% premium.
About Shea Butter
Our Values:

The best in personal care and beauty should not belong to the few. Our accessibility comes compromise-free, always formulated with fair trade shea butter, and without sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, petrolateum, mineral oil. Tested on our family for generations, and never on animals..

Modern Wisdom

Recipes handed down from a healer make for potent 21st century cures.

Sensory Solutions

Potent salves stimulate, soothe, surprise and speak to all the senses.

Cultures Cultivated

The best ingredients gathered from around the world and picked to complement perfectly.

Our Business Model

As a Black-led, women-led business, it's our hope that the seeds we continue to cultivate today will further power generations of Black and Brown entrepreneurs, and inspire other businesses to do the same. Using the power ot entrepreneurship to create wealth in Black communities, we reinvest 1% of our net sales income back into our community, addressing common barriers such as lack of access to capital, educational opportunities and mentorship. Learn more

Business as a force for good

Sundial Brands has been a Certified B Corporation™ since 2015. Certified B Corporations transform the economy by focusing on and measuring their inclusive and equitable impact. We collectively strive to upend systemic racism and work to advance racial equity. Community is ingrained in every choice we make. Being a responsible and equitable business isn’t just about what we donate, it’s about what we do everyday to support our community. Our mission starts from the core - from our operations and supply chain to our purchasing and partnerships.