Sheascription™ Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions for the Sundial Brands Sheascription™ Ordering Program

Welcome to the Terms and Conditions for the Sheascription subscription ordering program, offered by Sundial Brands LLC (“we” or “Sundial”). If you enroll in the Sheascription program by selecting a “Subscription Purchase” for an eligible product, renewal orders for the requested product will be automatically generated for you, according to your chosen renewal schedule. Your subscription will remain in effect until it is cancelled or it expires. You may cancel the automatic orders up to 3 business days before your next shipment, through your My Account Page.

  1. Items displaying the "Subscription Purchase" option may be ordered on an automatic renewal basis. To purchase these items on an automatic renewal basis, please select "Subscription Purchase" and select your desired renewal schedule (30, 60 or 90 days) on the Order Page.
  2. When you checkout, you will be asked to create an account or to log into your existing account. Then check out as usual. Your order information will be on your Account Page, along with your renewal schedule and delivery preferences. You may change your future orders, renewal schedule and account information at any time through your My Account Page. You may cancel or revise your subscription ordering at any time up to 3 business days before a new shipment is scheduled, through your My Account page. Please note: it will usually take 1-2 days for any changes to be effective.
  3. Your charge card or Paypal Account (if selected) will be charged the subscription price, plus any applicable sales tax and shipping fees, at the time that the order is fulfilled. You must have a valid charge card or Paypal Account associated with your Subscription Orders, as well as a valid email address for us to contact you, in order to participate in the Sheascription program.
  4. A reminder email of your next subscription order will be sent to you about 5 business days before we ship your next order. The email will remind you of the order and how you can cancel or modify your subscription order. Any cancellation or modification must be made and saved on your My Account Page at least 3 business days before the next scheduled shipping date. You will not be able to cancel or modify an order after that. However, you can modify future scheduled shipping dates through your My Account page.
  5. You will be sent an email notice that your order was shipped, or if an order was not shipped for any reason, such as a charge card decline or product unavailability. Your subscription orders will be cancelled if we are unable to contact you by email, or if your charge card (or Paypal Account) is declined after 3 attempts.
  6. Your subscription order will remain in effect until it is cancelled, or until the number of subscription orders you have requested has passed.
  7. By placing an order through the Sheascription program, you accept these Terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions are also subject to governed by our terms of use and privacy policy so please review them as well.
  8. Sundial reserves the right to change the Sheascription ordering program terms and benefits, including the discount amounts and pricing, at any time in its sole discretion. All changes will apply to future orders, including for current subscriptions. Your continued participation in the subscription program after we change any terms constitutes your acceptance of the changes. If you do not agree to these changes, you must cancel your subscription though your My Account page. We hope that you enjoy the Sheascription ordering programs and the benefits of the program. If you have any questions, contact us at or 1-631-842-8800.