The Blue Print


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When it comes to beauty, it’s always been us.

From pioneering self-made millionaires to the visionaries of today.

Ingenuity is in our DNA.

We are our own blueprint.

Generation to generation, Black women have pushed the boundaries of what beauty is and what beauty can be.

We are artists and architects, influencers and innovators who create from our desire to celebrate ourselves on our terms.

From the art form that is Black hair to our melanin that is a canvas for self expression.

You are the blueprint.


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The Blueprint Grant
The Blueprint celebrates the undeniable influence of Black women on the beauty industry. To continue the celebration, we created a grant and mentorship program to help uplift the next generation of trailblazers. This program will provide support and guidance to aspiring beauty entrepreneurs, founders, and creators who are forging their own unique paths.
At SheaMoisture we're committed to creating a space where the influence and expertise of Black women in beauty culture can thrive. We hope you join us in the celebration.
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