Two New Ways to Carefree Scalp Days

Which one is for me?

Dry Scalp and Dandruff have similar symptoms, but they are two different conditions. It's important to know the characteristics that set them apart so you can properly diagnose and treat your condition.

Anti - Dandruff CollectionAnti - Dandruff Collection

Anti - Dandruff Collection

  • Extreme Itching and large white flakes​
  • Oily, large yellowish flakes​
  • Red or irritated scalp
Scalp Moisture CollectionScalp Moisture Collection

Scalp Moisture Collection

Formulated with NO

SulfatesPhthalatesAnimal TestingParabensMineral OilPetrolatum
Beautiful hydrated hair and a happy scalp
Scalp Care ProductsScalp Care Products

Scalp Moisture Collection

Beautiful hydrated hair and a happy scalp

Our NEW Scalp Moisture collection works to hydrate scalp and deliver 8X* moisturized hair.

Helps Eliminate Flaking
Scalp Care ProductsScalp Care Products

Anti-Dandruff Collection

Helps eliminate flaking for carefree scalp days

Our NEW Anti-Dandruff collection is designed to deliver stronger hair and a healthier scalp.

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