Dear SheaMoisture

During a recent trip to Ghana to visit Sundial Brands’ (maker of SheaMoisture) Shea Butter cooperatives, we were handed a letter by one of the women processors.

Not sure what to expect, we were pleasantly surprised to read a message, in English, from one of her children. They wanted to share the impact SheaMoisture’s Community Commerce investments were making in their community, and more specifically within their household.

We read the message aloud as the woman listened on by way of a translator. With each heartfelt line, we all smiled and beamed with gratitude learning the ways in which the women’s lives were being transformed by our business. From increasing meals for some families to providing uniforms and access to higher education in their particular household, the outcomes were inspiring.

The letter closed with asking that we share it with our #SheaFam in the U.S. And thanks to our content partners at, we are able to bring it to life in a very dynamic way!

So, from our partners in Ghana, as well as us here at SheaMoisture–we thank you for your purchases. Together, we are transforming lives!