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Get strong, soft and resilient hair by using SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil hair products. Caring for your hair is easy with this powerful natural ingredient. Jamaican black castor oil helps to soften and smooth your hair while promoting natural hair growth. It's great for all hair types, allowing you to bring out the best in your hair's texture while promoting shine and silkiness. At SheaMoisture, we offer a full lineup of hair care products made with Jamaican black castor oil so you can help to strengthen and restore your hair while shampooing, conditioning and styling. Discover amazing treatments for healthier hair when you browse through this collection.

Get Naturally Beautiful Hair
Washing, conditioning and styling your hair is easier when you use natural ingredients. We especially love Jamaican black castor oil because it's so versatile with all hair types. Whether you have straight type 1 hair, wavy type 2 hair, curly type 3 hair or kinky type 4 hair, you'll find that all styles get an enhanced look with this ingredient. Jamaican black castor oil is prized for its ability add nourishing moisture to every strand while also helping with hair growth. Whether you have untreated hair, chemically processed hair or you're trying to go all-natural, these hair care products will help you get the healthy, stronger and softer locks you desire.

No Harmful Ingredients

Giving your hair a boost doesn't have to mean using harsh chemicals. At SheaMoisture, we use natural ingredients that provide incredible results while still being gentle on your hair and skin. You'll never find harmful ingredients like phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, mineral oil or petroleum in our shampoos, conditioners, stylers or hair treatments. Instead, these Jamaican black castor oil hair care products only include sustainably-produced goodness that's made with love for you and your body. Shop at SheaMoisture today for the best in natural hair care.