How We Are Supporting You During COVID-19

A Letter to Our Community

Dear Community,

We want you to know that SheaMoisture stands ready to help. Every day, we challenge ourselves to use commerce as a means to invest in our communities— we call this Community Commerce. It's how we show up in hard times. It's how we equip women and entrepreneurs with the ability to create lasting value for themselves and others. It's our promise that our products will take care of you, and your community. ​

We are in awe, although not surprised, by the generosity and resourcefulness of entrepreneurs of color and small businesses to support their communities at this time. Many of you are now using your business and resources in creative ways —from hosting online communities to keep us connected to turning your facilities into spaces to manufacture scarce items. Now we want to help you continue this cycle of change.

We are, and always have been, committed to support our community's efforts to take care of themselves and their neighbors. The good news is you've already made a contribution. With every SheaMoisture purchase, we've been investing proceeds back into Community Commerce initiatives. Your dollars have provided education, access, and funding for women of color businesses, allowing them to create jobs, experience growth, and impact their community. We will do all that we can to maintain your investments.

Over the next weeks, we will roll out a series of initiatives to serve our community indefinitely. However, we do need your help. Please let us know the most critical areas needing resources or heightened awareness within your community. Our platform has always been a place to bring visibility to our community's needs and we want to continue to foster this dialogue. ​

We are grateful for your continued support of SheaMoisture and, together, we will help communities impacted from this global crisis. We started the company as a family, and will continue to persevere as a family and community.

SheaMoisture Community Initiatives.

The grant aims to show the power of small businesses to help communities, while also hoping to minimize the financial disruptions many are experiencing from the global outbreak of COVID-19.

SheaMoisture Minority Business Fund

SheaMoisture will award minority-owned businesses that are finding creative ways to support their communities through COVID19.

If you are a business who has a social impact mission and are doing something to support your community at this time. We want to hear from you!

Online e learning Hub for Minority Business Owners

The SheaMoisture eLearning hub is an online virtual series that gives business owners access to resources, mentorship /leadership, and advice on how to prepare for economic downturn.

Come and learn how we can be of service to you!

To stay up to date with the latest announcements, and learn how you can apply to one of our initiatives, be sure to follow us on Instagram at @sheamoisture