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Everybody has a story. How/why did you decide to embrace your natural hair?

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When I entered the seventh grade, my mother made the decision for me to get a perm. Both my mother, grandmother, and older sister had grown tired of dealing with my thick coarse hair every week and felt it was time for me to take responsibility for my own hair.

When I became a sophomore in high school, I made the decision that I no longer wanted to get perms and made the decision to transition to being natural. After a year later of dealing with two different types of hair textures and box braids, I decided to document my journey.

My mother and grandmother were infamous for making comments about how my natural hair just didn't look tamed and well-kept. Frustrated by these comments and the lack of embrace and support for my natural hair, I decided to use the platform from my Youtube Channel to take people on my journey to becoming fully natural and to unpack its connection to black beauty and what it means.

Over the course of a couple of months, I created my first documentary on my natural hair journey and others in my high school.

At the time, the topic of natural hair was novel, especially in my hometown of South Carolina. However, the body of work I was able to produce paved the way for important discussions among young girls and women about natural hair in my community and laid the foundation for more awareness and appreciation of women with natural hair for years to come.

It was through that experience of being vulnerable, fighting back against the perception of natural hair from the most important women in my life and being relentless in my decision to be natural that my confidence grew and I learned more about who I am and how to love myself better.

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Hair Type (1; 2a/b/c; 3a/b/c; 4a/b/c) -Hair typing is a system that classifies hair texture based on curl pattern, density, width and porosity, to determine how best to care for, and style hair;

Types 3 and 4 have sub-classification of a-c based on diameter of hair curl and coil; 3a curl diameter of a nickel; 3b curl diameter of a dime; 3c curl diameter of a straw; 4a coil diameter of a knitting needle; 4b coil diameter of an ink pen spring and can bend in sharp “z” shaped angles; 4c even smaller with a very tight zigzag pattern, and no coil at all.

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Here is how Jazmin takes care of her 4C locks.

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