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Barber Jove shares grooming tips

Barber Jove shares some of the most commonly asked questions from the ladies.

Celebrity barber and SheaMoisture men's grooming expert, Jove, is the man behind the grooming of an impressive list of Los Angeles' top actors, rappers and professional athletes, at B.L.O.G., (Barber's Lounge of Gentlemen). While Jove is a grooming guru to these A-listers, he says he spends an equal amount of time counseling the women behind the men — wives, moms, girlfriends and sisters — who purchase products for the men in their lives and help them perfect their shave and groom game. 

Barber Jove shares some of the most commonly asked questions from the ladies.

Question: My husband won't use a facial wash or take care of his skin, then complains about breakouts and not getting a close shave. Help!

Getting a close and comfortable shave begins with your husband prepping his face. Give him a combo product that cleanses and exfoliates, such as SheaMoisture Men's Shave African Black Soap Facial Wash & Scrub, to wash and buff away dead skin as well as soften and raise hairs. Have him follow with an oil, such as SheaMoisture Men's Shave Beard Softener & Skin Protector Pre-Shave Oil,  to lubricate hairs to prep for a clean, close shave. This will also protect and moisturize skin, while reducing razor burn, bumps and irritation. These two quick steps will make a world of difference in his skin health and shaving experience. Grab a couple of products and walk him through the steps, and I promise you he'll be a pro in no time.

Question: My guy shaves daily, but has ultra sensitive skin and constantly has razor bump, redness and irritation. What can he use to help this?

A natural topical treatment with willow bark extract and tea tree oil will help to prevent bumps and soothe irritation that's common with shaving. Have him try SheaMoisture Men's Shave Tea Tree After Shave Elixir after shaving and before moisturizing each day. I use it on my clients to reduce inflammation and sensitivity. It also works beautifully for women after shaving legs and underarms to prevent razor burn.

Question: My son is all about his beard and 'stache, but they often look unkempt and straggly. Any advice?

Encourage him to trim the edges of his beard and mustache into shape on a daily basis. When guys who don't have beards look scruffy and scraggly after skipping one shave, guys who don't trim the edges of their beard daily will show the same. However, this doesn't need to be time-consuming. Have him lightly go over the edges of his facial hair with a trimmer and guide comb, and cut back to a uniform length, making sure the outline is defined. If he follows these simple daily tips, he'll be perfectly groomed and meet with mom approval

Question: I want him to use a shave brush, as I hear they're really effective but he doesn't thinks it's necessary.

Men initially never think a shaving brush is a necessity, but when they try it, they see a huge improvement in their shave. A shaving brush creates a creamy lather, gently removes the dead skin and aids in raising hairs for a closer shave. Have him try SheaMoisture Men's Shaving Brush and lather on SheaMoisture African Black Soap Shave Butter Crème in a circular motion to lift the hairs off his face for a luxuriously close shave.

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