A Dreamer’s Pursuit

Thanks to you and your Community Commerce product purchases, SheaMoisture’s #BreaktheWalls Scholarship fully funded ten, top high school women entrepreneurs from around the world to attend Babson College’s Summer Study Program. Now it’s time to get to know them! Check out our Babson #BreaktheWalls Blog series, and get to know the history, inspirations and goals of these dynamic young women!

Name: Noor Eman Rashid
Where Are You From? I'm from Rawalpindi, Pakistan.


Being a compassionate individual, I aspire to serve humanity and advocate for equality. I want to contribute to the fight for women’s rights and vocalize my thoughts regarding the patriarchal traditions in my country. Also, I want to be an entrepreneur who considers the wellbeing of others.

Favorite Quote:

"And if you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it"...
(-Paulo Coelho)

A Dreamer’s Pursuit

I've always been someone, for the most part, conscientious of my academic career path. I eventually, however, was struck by the realization that my vision for the future was still blurred. Truthfully speaking, my goals held no concrete value. I felt like a gullible follower and in no circumstances individualistic among the masses.

I came to realize that my narrow perspective required broadening. I had yet to experience the exposure that would, ultimately, sharpen the pixels of my vision. Fortunately, Babson College’s Summer Study for high school students provided me with a clear sense of direction. It allowed me to see myself as an entrepreneur. I felt inspired to achieve my goals and unleash my inner-potential to become an exemplary leader.

As a SheaMoisture #BreaktheWalls Babson scholar, I was able to interact and build practical connections with peers of diverse backgrounds. This helped me appreciate that multiculturalism is vital for the growth and development of this world. We had to put aside our differences and work together toward our shared entrepreneurial dreams.

A good example of this was during a "Soapbox" session I attended hosted by an exceptional group of girls called "The Struggle is Real," who were also #BreaktheWalls scholars. This session allowed us to discuss our cultural roots and inheritance, and the fundamental causes of animosity and discrimination spread in our society. We were able to voice our opinions and work on ways to change the distorted perceptions of others, in hopes to stabilize the equilibrium in our societies.

It was through this experience that I realized I can substantially contribute towards eliminating the harsh realities that inhibit the societal structure of my country. I became aware of the capabilities I possess. I was given an insider’s look at the entrepreneurial world that lies ahead of me. I learned that my career goals and deeply rooted passion for humanitarianism will prove to be beneficial to society.


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